About The Fernweh Life

In the busy and competitive society that is America today, there is a large push and need to do well in school, go to higher education, get a job that you love, etc. Then once you’re set in your career, then you are supposed to settle down, have kids if you’d like and get a nice home. Once you do that, pay off your mortgage over 30+ years, retire hopefully at a young age and pray you don’t end up in a nursing home and instead die peacefully in your sleep.

This is thought of as “living” and “successful” in our society’s eyes. In my eyes, this is merely surviving. It seems our world has fallen into too much of a routine.

There seems to be a disconnect in the world on how to truly live your life. It seems clique to say live your life to the fullest but we all know we have a limited amount of years on this Earth – so why not make them count?

Traveling and exploring new cultures is what makes me feel like I am truly living and feel like I am able to learn all that the Earth has to offer and what it’s people are giving us the opportunity to experience.

Fernweh is a German derived word meaning a crave for travel or being homesick for a place you’ve never been.


I am writing this blog to show people how I live my Fernweh life while still working full-time, going to school full-time to become a nurse, keeping important relationships in my life and being able to enjoy every second of it. I want to share how I live my life to live and not just survive our society.

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