#91: Get a Tattoo

August 18th, 2015

Getting a tattoo was one of those items on my list that made me more nervous than most, not because of the commitment to whatever I decided to get tattooed on me but the pain (I don’t do well with pain or needles).

Deciding what to get tattooed was a long process. I knew I wanted a quote about how I live my life or something about travel. I also knew exactly where I wanted it; my foot. I chose this spot because it is easy to hide if need be but it also symbolized the feet that had brought me through life thus far.

At first, I was set on getting “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone”. Which is a very long quote for a foot. My mother and I were thinking of good quote and she said, “how about: The journey is the destination“. From the moment she said that, I absolutely loved it. I loved the message it gave and how it would be very symbolic to get it tattooed on my foot; the means that have led to all my journeys.

What eased my mind about getting my tattoo done was meeting ahead of time with the tattoo artist who would be doing my tattoo and making sure it was exactly what I wanted. I went to Rite of Passage Tattoo shop in Victor, NY for my first tattoo with my best friend Tricia. We both were getting our first tattoos and wanted to do it together.


Andrew did my tattoo and he did a wonderful job! The whole process took about 30 minutes with the actual tattooing taking about 10 minutes. The sensation of getting a tattoo in my experience was like hot cat scratches but was very bearable until the tattoo starts going over bone.

There has never been a point in the almost two years that I have had the tattoo that I have regretted it or wish I had gotten something different. I want another tattoo and right now my plan is to get a matching tattoo with my best friend, Tricia, on one of our trips together!

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