#52: Zip Lining

July 21st, 2015

While on my trip with my best friends, Nikki & Tricia, we decided to take a day trip to go zip lining. We were near Traverse City, Michigan and decided to go to Wildwood Rush which have zip line canopy tours. We got all geared up to go in the harnesses.unnamed (1).jpg

The Full Canopy Tour that we decided to experience included a series of nine different zip lines, six towering platforms, and five sky bridges overlooking Lake Charlevoix. The whole tour lasted about 2 hours. At the end of the canopy tour, there was a 1200 foot long triple race zip line!  This worked out perfectly that there were 3 of us and we all got to race! The workers even let us use this long zip line to try going down upside down so we all raced upside down, which was truly amazing. Nikki won the race down.

Zip lining was such a spectacular experience! It was a little nerve-racking at first since none of us didn’t really know what to expect but once you got the first zip done, it was actually very relaxing and calming to zip through the woods! This kind of zip lining experience was the perfect introduction to what zip lining is like. Doing this has definitely got me more excited for when I do the Devil’s Breath Zip Line on my bucket list!

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