#34: See Big Ben

June 5th, 2016

I’m going to be honest I kind of forgot about the Big Ben being in London until I saw it for the first time. Tricia and I were spending our first full day in London and were walking to go on the London Eye. I freaked out when I first saw it because that was the first time since getting off the airplane that it truly became real to me that we were in another country.


After initially seeing the Big Ben, we went on the London Eye and got some better views of it.

unnamed (1)

On our fourth day in London, we headed closer to the Big Ben to get an even closer view and so of course we had to take that opportunity for a photo op.

Lastly, the very last photo I took on this entire trip was the Big Ben. I got this photo during the taxi ride that was taking us to the bus station to catch our flight home. I loved that this was the last photo I captured especially since this was the monument that made it click for me that I was in a different country and culture.

unnamed (4)

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