#66: See Mumford & Sons Live

May 24th, 2017

During a trip to Pittsburgh, I got the incredible opportunity to see Mumford & Sons live at the Keybank Pavilion. The concert was to showcase their newest album, Tompkins Square Park.

Antonia, Michelle and I drove the roughly 45 minutes to get to the pavilion. We had some slight issues with parking, getting our purses in (security was very strict), and figuring out where to get our tickets. We finally got to our seats while the opening act was still playing. We had seats but were not covered under the awning, so of course it had to rain! It was sprinkling all through the opening act and during the set change there was a downpour, soaking us all. However, as soon as Mumford & Sons came on, it completely stopped raining for the entire night.

They performed for almost 2 hours which was incredible. The place was completely sold out and packed. They used pyrotechnics in a few of their song performances for special effects which the crowd loved.

Some huge takeaways from this concert was the energy that Mumford & Sons put into their concerts. Anyone who has listened to any of their songs know that they tend to be more slow, indie songs. To us, we thought this concert was going to be a concert you sit down and just listen to them perform. Well we were very wrong, the band put so much energy and emotions into their performances. Everyone was standing up the entire time they were performing, singing and dancing to all of their songs.

Another huge takeaway for me during this concert was being able to see one of my favorite groups that I have listened to for years perform live in front of me. Their songs have gotten me through a lot of different things. Seeing and hearing them perform was pure bliss for me.

I would have to say, so far on my bucket list this was one of the most memorable, meaningful and spectacular items I have crossed off so far. I will never forget how much this concert meant to me and how much it meant to see it with two of my best friends.


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