#152: Space Needle in Seattle

June 1st & 3rd, 2017

During my trip to Seattle with my friend Sydney, we got to see the Space Needle, twice. We bought the CITYPASS for Seattle ($70) which gave up admission to the Seattle Zoo, Seattle Aquarium, Chihuly Glass Museum, a ferry ride around the bay, and admission to the Space Needle during the day and during the night (we saved a ton of money buying this). We took advantage of this pass and went up to see the Space Needle our first night in Seattle. You take an elevator up to the observation deck, which takes a whole 41 seconds to get to the top. Then you get off the elevator and are 605′ above Seattle looking out into the beautiful city. The night we went up it had cooled off quite a bit since the sun had gone down so the outside observation deck was freezing! We got some photos of the city and how amazing it was to see the lights of the city from so high up.

Once we took in the views of the city, we started heading back to get on the elevator when we saw a large monitor. On the monitor was a digital guestbook that had a map showing all the places no the globe people had traveled to come see the Space Needle. Sydney and I both added ourselves to the guest list and it told us that we had traveled 2,175 miles to come see the Space Needle. I thought it was so amazing that they had that so you could see how many people had come to visit and how far they had traveled to see it!

We then returned to see the Space Needle on June 3rd to see it during the day! We went early in the morning to avoid crowds or long lines. When we got to the top it was a lot warmer out on the outdoor observation deck so we got to take more photos outside. I also facetimed my father while we were up there to show him around Seattle since he loved visiting Seattle when he went. 69

There was also a building down below the Space Needle that had an artist who was well known for his 3D work to design something to put on the roof for the guests of the Space Needle to look down on. The artist chose to make the building look like there was giant daddy long leg spiders on the top of the building which looked very legit.

unnamed (3).jpg

Overall, seeing and going up into the Space Needle was so much fun. I loved Seattle in general and being in/seeing one of its icons was spectacular. If anyone reading this is planning on going to see the Space Needle one day my advice would be to definitely be to see it during the day and during the night since they are very different experiences!

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